The Cooperación spanish school organizes optional activities with the idea that students relax mind and body, while practicing Spanish and learning more about our culture, typical food, and local villages and movies.

Salsa and meringue, one hour free for all students each week.

Visit to the Mayan music museum. (You can see the evolution of Maya's instruments).

Visit to Macadamia nut plantation.

Visit to Coffee farm.

Visit to San Antonio Aguas Calientes. Indian town, demonstration and sell typical clothes. (Showing typical clothes in different situations of Mayan traditions)

Visit to San Andres Itzapa: Indian town the students are witness of Mayan rituals.

Visit to Cerro de la Cruz. Little mountain watching city.

Visit to different churches in Antigua . Walking through Antigua city see different ruins.

Round Table: Discussion different topics; religious, political, grammar, socials, folkloric, sportive.

Dinámicas: (group dynamic), Practice vocabulary, conversation, games.

Cementerio: (cemetery), Private and common.

Visit to Museum of Textiles . (Museum Ixchel)